One of the most fun things I did last year was being part of the search for Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair.

I must have done ok as they’ve asked me back to be one of the judges again in 2014! Now in it’s 5th year, Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair is on the lookout for real girls who love their hair.

Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair celebrates loving your hair, and if you’ve found your hair romance you have to enter.

The only downside of being a judge is that I can’t enter the competition. It would be a small conflict of interest, don’t you think? ;)

But the good news is Schwarzkopf have let me share some of my tips as to what the judges are looking for and give you an insider peek behind the scenes.

Here are my 7 insider tips for getting ahead in this competition.


1. Enter early
The longer your photo is up in the galleries, the more time people will have to vote for you, so what are you waiting for?! Oh right, you need to read the next 6 tips first, and then go and upload your photo.

2. Capture your hair in the best light
Your photo is the most important part of your entry so you need to capture your hair in the best light. Natural window light is best. Avoid shooting outside in the middle of the day as the overhead sun casts dark shadows. Try not to use a flash as this also creates a harsh and unnatural light. Morning or late afternoon is the most flattering light. Shooting hair can be difficult so play around to find the best lighting for your hair. Take a peek at how I photograph my hair in this photo tutorial.

3. Make your hair the focus of the picture
You might be wearing your favourite dress but what we really want to see is your hair. Crop your photo in to make your hair the focus. Posing against a clean and simple background also helps your hair to stand out. Keep our attention with a clear photo of how beautiful your hair really is.

4. Show us two sides of you
It’s hard to capture how fabulous you and your hair are in one photo, so consider entering two images. You can create a collage using an app like PicFrame or use Picmonkey on your computer to reveal both the back of your hair and your face in the same entry. Don’t forget to smile!

5. Pick the right category
Last year the hardest part for me was to compare all the entrants as there were so many gorgeous but different hairstyles. To celebrate all the different types of hair Schwarzkopf have created categories and the winners of each category will be judged for the overall award of Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair.

You can enter your hair as Australia’s Most Beautiful:

 - Curly Hair
 - Straight Hair
 - Coloured Hair
 - Long Hair
 - Short Hair

I’m hoping this will bring out real diversity in each category and I can’t wait to see your entries. Remember you may fit into two different categories but you can only enter one.

Focus on the one category that you rock the most and that makes you feel fabulous.

6. Enter the extra hair challenges
As well as new categories, this year there are extra hair challenges as part of Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair that give you more chances to win.

Play along with the hairstyle challenges like Bun Lovin’, Braids for Days and Pony Tails to reveal how versatile your hair can be. Just upload extra photos of your hair for each challenge to show the judges more of your beautiful hair.

This year there are more chances to win as the cumulative ‘likes’ across all your photos count towards the final result. You can enter more than once so get styling and snap all your favourite hairstyles to enter.

7. Ask your friends to vote for you
Don’t be afraid to tell your friends that you love your hair. Ask them to like your photos and help spread the word about how gorgeous your hair is.

There are some fantastic prizes on offer this year to the winner of Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair and to all the category winners too. So what are you waiting for?! Enter at 

I’m so looking forward to seeing your entries! I’ll be sharing more tips on how to nail the extra hair challenges so upload your first snap to Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair and come back to Style Studio for more beautiful hair inspiration.