So you’ve tried to let your hair air dry and it’s just not sitting right. Maybe it’s the weather, your new conditioner or it’s just one of those days.

Don’t put your hair up. Grab your curling wand and rework those curls into shape.

1. Choose a curling wand as close to the size of your natural curls as possible.
2. Lightly spray your hair all over with Heidi's Heat Styles Heat Protection Spray.
3. Clip up the top half of your hair and start curling the lower section. Work in small sections, just like your natural curls.
4. Unclip the top section and continue curling around your head in small sections.
5. Gently break up the curls to soften the look. If your curls are a little dry or frizzy, run a little Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Oil Elixir Serum through the ends.

Curly style tip: For a more natural looking curl, alternate the direction that you wrap your hair around your curling wand. Always start with the first section away from your face, as this is more flattering.