I love big buns and I cannot lie…

Sorry, I had to go there, but it’s true.

The big bun is one of my favourite hairstyles because of its magical transformative powers.

Not only does a big bun give your face a mini lift, it also makes you look taller. Fact.

Plus the big bun can cure a bad hair day in minutes. No matter what your hair looks like in the morning, the big bun is your go-to hairstyle. 

Now you know why I love big buns so much. They are a true multi-tasker hairstyle.

I’m going to share my secret tools that I use to achieve this bad-hair-day saviour.

Your must-have tools for the perfect big bun:

Donut padding - A hair donut is like a Wonderbra for your bun. Choose a colour to match your hair and a size to suit your mood.

Hair elastic – You’ll need a strong hair elastic or try a hair bungee for long hair.

Bobby pins – Match them to your hair colour.

Hair pins – Long thick hair needs a large pin and these ripple pins are perfect.

Comb – Choose a fine comb for backcombing your hair

Styling powder – Add some extra volume at the roots with my fave styling product.

Hairspray – Keep all those pesky flyaways in place.

Accessories – Dress up your bun for any occasion with accessories. Try flowers, jewellery or even put a bow on it!

With these tools in your arsenal, you’ll master a big bun in minutes that will take you from work to play.

How to style a big bun: step-by-step

 - Prep your hair. I like to use some Schwarzkopf Extra Care Volume Powder at the roots of my hair to add a little texture and instant root lift. You can also try Schwarzkopf Dry Shampoo for extra texture in your hair.

 - Gather your hair into a high ponytail. I find this is easier if I flip my head over and brush my hair up, but do whatever works for you! Use a strong elastic or hair bungee to hold your hair up in the high ponytail.

 - Pop your donut padding around your ponytail. Try and use padding that is close to your natural hair colour so that it’s easily disguised.

 - Backcomb your hair. Gently tease your ponytail by combing it back from the ends to your ponytail to create more volume. This will ensure you have enough hair to cover the donut.

 - Hide the donut by wrapping your hair around it. Find the centre of your ponytail and wrap your hair around evenly to cover the donut. Use bobby pins to secure the ends of your hair. You can also tuck your hair under the donut to keep it neat.

 - Finish with a spritz of hairspray to smooth any fuzzy flyaways. I like to smooth around my hairline, but I still keep the bun a little messy so that it looks more natural. Use Schwarzkopf Taft Fixing Spray to keep the fuzz away.

Hair Romance Styling Tip: I like to tease the ponytail and wrap the top knot so that the hair is a little messy. I don’t like to see an exact outline of the padding. I pull at a few sections of hair to keep it a little uneven, and more natural looking. You want people to think it’s all your hair in there!

Once you’ve styled your big bun it’s time to accessorise because we all know accessories make an outfit.

Snap a selfie or get a friend to take a photo of your fabulous big bun for the Bun Lovin’ hair challenge to be in the running for Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair