If I could choose just one hairstyle to wear forever it would have to be braids.

I could wear braids for days without ever repeating a style. No matter where I’m going or how I’m feeling, there’s a braid for every occasion.

But with so many ways to wear braid, where do you start?

Let’s start with the fishtail braid.

Fishtail braids look like the most complicated braids but they’re really the easiest to do.

For French and Dutch braids, you have 3 sections to juggle but with fishtail braids you only have two. Once you get the hang of the criss-cross pattern, you can do this braid with your eyes closed.

How to do a fishtail braid

First things first – you have to prep your hair for braiding.

If you find you braid are always slipping out of place then you will love this trick.

Spray dry shampoo on the midlengths of your hair. Normally just for your oily roots, dry shampoo adds that extra grit you want so your braids stay in place. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Dry Shampoo gives you the perfect amount of texture but won’t leave your hair feeling sticky or stiff.

You’ll need:


1. After prepping your hair with dry shampoo, gather your hair into a side ponytail. Secure it with a small clear hair elastic. We’ll be removing this later so it doesn’t need to be too tight.

2. Split your ponytail in two.

3. Holding one half of your ponytail in each hand, use your thumb and index finger to take a small piece of hair from the left side and combine it with the right pony.

4. Repeat, taking a small piece from the right and combining it with the left pony. As the sections are so small, it takes a few crosses to see the braid form so keep going.

5. Continue all the way down and secure the end of your braid with a small clear elastic.

6. Now it’s time to remove the top elastic. Carefully snip the elastic with the scissors (be careful not to cut your hair!) and remove the band. You’ll have a perfect fishtail braid.

I like to go back and mess up the braid a little more by gently pulling at the sides. Super neat braids are for toddlers who wear tiaras so don’t be afraid to make your braids a bit messier.

For extra texture, sprinkle a little Schwarzkopf Extra Care Volume Powder and work it into the centre of your braid.

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