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Winter Hair Trends | DIY Colour Bomb

by Schwarzkopf AU

We teamed up with BeautyHeaven to show you how you can add a little life to your hair colour, without spending a fortune (or even leaving the house!). This colouring technique is fantastic for adding depth to your hair and toning down your existing ombre look.

The Steps

  1. Choose a shade that complements your natural hair colour (Beth used Brilliance Romantic Brown)
  2. Make sure you read the instruction leaflet before you start. It will give you all the info you need on completing a strand and allergy test
  3. Start by dividing your hair into two ponytails.  Hold out sections and use a comb or teasing brush to gently back-comb the hair.  Continue until each ponytail is teased
  4. Cover your shoulders with an old towel to protect your clothes and put on the gloves.
  5. Empty the Diamond Gloss serum and Colour Crème into the application bottle and shake vigorously until it forms a smooth cream
  6. Using your hands, pat the colour over the ends of your hair. Leave the colour to process for up to thirty minutes, checking the colour development every few minutes for your desired result
  7. Add a little water to emulsify the colour, then rinse your hair until the water runs clear and condition with the Brilliance Colour-Shine Conditioner

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