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Twisted bun hair tutorial

by Schwarzkopf AU

One of the best things with hairstyles in curly hair is that you can get away with being messy. Don’t try to create a perfect, neat updo as that’s just not how your hair goes. Embrace messy hair! The best curly hairstyles work with your curls to really make them the stars.


Start by separating two sections of hair on either side level with your ears. Leave these out for now; we’ll come back to them later.


Create a low ponytail with the rest of your hair. You want the pony to sit just above the nape of your neck.


Back to the front sections – twist the left side up and back, wrapping it over the top of your ponytail. Pin it in place with bobby pins underneath


Repeat on the right side, twisting your hair back and pinning it in place around and under your ponytail.


To define the twists, you can add some bobby pins along the side to hold it in shape.


Form your bun by rolling your ponytail under. Pin the roll in place with bobby pins.

Styling Tip

Remember you don’t want the finished style to look too neat, so embrace your messy curls and let them poke out in places.

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