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Three Natural Ingredients to Heal Damaged Hair

by Schwarzkopf AU

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In the cycle of colouring, heating, and styling, you know that your hair is probably more damaged than you'd like. But finding your goddess hair-products takes time. And finding options with natural ingredients feels like a real mission.

You know we're here to help! Discover how the new Beology Repair line combines the latest science with powerful natural ingredients that can really take your hair from damaged to divine.

Beology Repair - Your Sustainable Hair Future

The Beology Repair range combines Deep Sea Extract with Rose Hip Oil, and Geranium. Three powerhouse ingredients guaranteed to take your damaged tresses to next level sm
Not sure if your hair is just dry or actually damaged? This quick test will reveal the truth.
Definitely damaged? Well, let's take a look at these natural ingredients

1. Deep Sea Extract

This ingredient is as natural as it gets. Sourced from the depths of the ocean, it can survive in the high-pressure conditions of 2000 metres below! With this kind of pressure resistance on your side, you'll never need to worry whether your hair can handle the styling you throw at it. Deep sea extract has a range of qualities that make it stand out as a natural ingredient.

· It is resistant to high temperatures - you can iron or curl with confidence knowing your hair is safe
· As a powerful antioxidant, it protects your hair and scalp from environmental stresses while reducing moisture loss to each strand

Like a loyal friend, deep sea extract just keeps giving. The combination of all its benefits means that it enhances the ability of your hair to repair and protects it from further damage. With this natural wonder on your side, your hair will be looking divine in no time. 

2. Rose Hip Oil

Its reputation for hydrating skin is well-known, but did you know it can also work the same magic on your hair? Extracted from the seeds of wild roses and used by the Andean Indians of Chile for centuries, this is a star of nature with a romantic edge. Rose Hip Oil is high in beta-Carotene, omega-3, and omega-6. These essential fatty acids combine to soften hair and add delicious shine.

3. Geranium

Adding extra flowers to your hair can only be more romantic, right? Geranium is a treasure chest of amino acids which are the foundation of strong, smooth hair. Not only that, it has excellent antioxidant properties to protect your hair from environmental damage. The power of Geranium to remove impurities and product residue is a sweet bonus!

Learn How Beology Repair Restores Your Hair to Goddess Hot

You know that the key to returning your locks to health is a having a stellar game-plan. Here's your how-to guide below!


Beology Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Designed to bring a new level of hair health with deep sea extract and geranium. Wash away impurities while encouraging the good stuff to linger. This is your stepping stone to hair happiness!


Beology Repair Mask

For the tough times. When the damage feels like maybe a radical pixie cut is in order. This mask brings the full force of the deep sea and nature's wonders to your locks.


Beology Repair Power Shot

This one should come with a 'handle with care' sign - this is Beology fighting dryness on the beaches, fighting damage where-ever it can be found. An ally when you need one and packed with rose hip oil. Mix with Repair Conditioner or Mask for the best results.


Beology Repair Oil Serum

With a strong dose of rose hip oil, this serum is designed to enhance the smoothness and shine of your hair while nourishing it back to full health.

On the Path to Beautiful Hair...

In addition to the powerful combination of deep sea extract, rose hip oil, and geranium, all the products in the Beology Repair range contain keratins. Each time you wash with Beology, the keratins penetrate deep into your hair to repair and reconstruct the entire hair structure.
Now you can send damaged hair a firm 'you're not welcome here' naturally. 

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