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Should You Get A Long Bob?

by Schwarzkopf AU

Everyone from fashion bloggers like Zanita Whittington and Margaret Zhang to celebrity queens Taylor Swift and Khloe Kardashian is totally rocking this look, and we can’t get enough! Even the runway at 2016 S/S New York Fashion Week showed no sign of letting the blunt-cut trend go anytime soon.

But, these models, celebrities and bloggers all have the magic of hair and makeup teams, right? So how do you know if you could pull off a Lob in everyday life (without a fuss)?

Let’s start by talking about what exactly makes the cut to be a ‘Lob’:
A Lob features a blunt chop to a single length that falls somewhere between the chin (original bob length) and shoulder.

Who Does the Long Bob Look Good On?

Congratulations, you have found it: The haircut that looks good on everybody – no matter what your hair texture, face shape or style! However, there are a few variations and styles of the Lob that flatter some faces more than others. Here’s the deal… 

Oval face

People with an oblong face are winners anyway, they can wear virtually any haircut successfully. The long bob supports the harmony of a uniformly shaped head, while the tips down to shoulder length flatter the slim contour.

Styling tip 

Wear a centre parting or long fringe.

Round face

If you have a round face, it is best to choose a long bob version in the stepped cut. The frayed sections add some volume to the crown, shift the proportions and thereby make the face appear longer.

Styling tip

A soft side parting or a long side fringe is a perfect fit.

Edgy face

Women with an angular head need a soft contrast to compensate. A frayed, stepped long bob gently frames the face, softening the hard contours.

Styling tip 

Soft waves lend the lob a flattering flair.

In case you need more convincing, here are 5 more reasons to love the Lob

  1. You don’t have to choose between long locks or a short cut
  2. Which means it’s still long enough to pull of an up-do (yay!)
  3. It’s a fresh, youthful look
  4. You can wear it sleek, straight and glamorous, or relaxed, casual and wavy
  5. Styling requires minimal fuss (apply Straightening Spray for a sleek look, Styling Mousse, or Sea Salt Texture powder for a more tousled look)

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