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Product Cocktails: My Secret to Hair Happiness

by Schwarzkopf AU

When you want to achieve your hair goals, but your hair has other ideas, that’s when you reach for products. Hair products are the key for creating the styles and looks that we want, but sometimes an off-the-shelf product just won’t cut it.

That’s where product cocktails come in.

I like to mix up my own concoctions to get the exact result I am looking for. I’m going to share some of my favourite product cocktail recipes with you and I’d love to know if you ever do the same with your hair products.

This is a step on from how to use the hair products you’ve got better. You might find using those products at the back of your cupboard in a cocktail is just right for your hair. When you mix products together, they become better than the sum of their parts. In the same way that a tequila shot is way too strong for me, but give me a margarita and I’m very happy. What we are looking for is your perfect margarita for your hair.

You're probably asking, why can’t I just use one product off the shelf?

Well, maybe you can. That product might be like the perfect glass of wine that’s blended just right for your hair. However, you don’t wear your hair the same way every day, so cocktailing it with something else in your beauty cupboard could be the solution for your next hair style.

Plus cocktailing your products gives you so much more flexibility with what you can create. Often a single product is designed for one purpose, be it frizz, or to give texture or volume, but you can mix these all together to get that perfect style that has volume but controls the frizz too. Or if you want to create texture but not too much volume, cocktails are where it’s at.

The art of product mixology

For locked in moisture

If, like me, your hair is naturally dry – or perhaps you’ve been styling a little too much and it needs some extra care, this cocktail is for you.

I add in a drop of hair oil to my smoothing lotion for that extra richness and to lock in moisture to my hair. As a bonus, applying this formula to your hair straight out of the shower after you’ve washed it really really locks in that moisture. It makes your hair so much easier to style and will look shinier for longer.

For that perfect blonde

No matter how you colour your blonde hair, or even if it’s naturally blonde, keeping those brassy ends at bay is work. I refresh my colour with a blonde toner at home and this new mousse is a fantastic way to quickly refresh your blonde on the go every week. It takes less than three minutes to do and you almost feel like you’ve had a fresh colour.

For high texture

If your hair goal is a style that’s full of texture and body, then this is the cocktail for you. I think Schwarzkopf have been listening in, because they put this together in two simple products: the body and texturising spray and the matching hairspray.

Together these two products really give you all the shape you want in your hair. Even better there’s no stickiness and you can brush it out if you want to restyle your hair later.

For mega volume

Getting volume in your hair is all about layers. You want to build the right foundation, so you need to start lightly layering product to build mega volume that really lasts.

For me this product cocktail begins with mousse in damp hair mixed together with the blow dryer and then finished at the end with a little sprinkle of volume powder. This combo gives volume for days, and it’s great whether your hair is curly or straight.

Curly girls will want to use a diffuser on their hairdryer and straight hair girls will use a brush to add more volume at the roots. So how you mix it is a little different, but the ingredients are the same.

For perfect curls

  1. You might know this cocktail already, but curl cream plus gel equals my perfect curls. Gel used to scare me but mixing it with my curl cream, or applying it just directly after it, gives me that perfect curl definition and reduces frizz dramatically.
  2. When I’m in a rush, sometimes I just mix a little bit of conditioner with my gel for a quick, easy-wearing style. It’s a great travel cocktail, which means I don’t need to carry as many products when I’m on the go.

Now, if you’re not sure where to start or what kind of hair type you have, try the Hair Horoscopes tool to find out what kind of care is right for your hair. 

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