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Party hair with coloured ends

by Schwarzkopf AU

In a tutorial, we show you a hair trend that goes perfectly with colourful hair: a braided half bun.

Party hair with coloured ends

A few simple styling steps to create a braided half bun: 

A comb makes sectioning hair simple.

1) Part your hair down the middle, then draw additional partings approximately five centimetres on either side and section off the entire strand of hair in between.

This classical braid is the next styling step. 

2) Comb this section of hair into your face and braid it.
3) Pin the braid to the back of your head with bobby pins. Fold back the end of the braid into a tiny bun.
4) Set with hairspray. Add some structure to the lengths with texturising balm.  

The finished party look with coloured hair tips. 

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