Hair Inspiration

Lively Lilac Locks

by Billie Phillips

As the seasons change and we begin to fall into the colder months of the year, what better way to brighten up your mood than with a bold hair colour? One of my favourite and easy ways to liven up my hair at home is using the Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour Metallic shade in Lilac Chrome. A mostly lazy girl like myself can’t be bothered heat styling every day, so this is my go-to look when I want an easy but fun hair style.

Firstly, I like to tie my freshly washed hair into two braids to leave in overnight, and when I wake up and un-tie them I’m left with voluminous curls! With this hair, I love incorporating braids again, which create two trendy and fun hairstyles that are also super easy. I then part my hair down the middle, section off the top half of each side and form two braids down either side. This is such an easy way to add more fun to my look, making me feel like a mermaid princess!

And if I’m feeling like that’s not enough, all I need to do is wrap the braid around itself, secure with some bobby pins and spritz with the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Express Dry Hairspray to keep it all in place. This creates two cute little buns that channel my inner space girl and 90’s kid at heart.

So if you’re feeling rather dull and lifeless on a gloomy winter’s day, grab some LIVE Colour hair colour, whip your hair into braids and the next day you’ll have these lively lilac locks!

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