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Keep Your Blonde Beautiful

by Schwarzkopf AU

It’s always been claimed that blondes have more fun, but whether or not it’s true, we know this much: platinum or light Swedish blonde are the hair-lights of the season. Should you indulge yourself with a cool blonde look? Well, let’s look at the pros.

It’s refreshing

Like any change is.

It looks radiant and youthful

The bright hair framing the face can make your complexion appear fresher, while visually softening wrinkles.

It’s fashionable

Just look at Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, even Kylie Jenner likes to mix it up with a blonde wig from time to time.

It’s undeniably sexy

Always has been, always will be.

It’s super versatile

Depending on your cut and personal style, Nordic blonde can be pulled off as soft, angelic and romantic, or edgy, modern and oh so cool.

But being ‘Platinum-Level’ cool isn’t exactly easy. It takes plenty of maintenance and care. Here’s what you need to achieve a long-lasting, beautiful blonde.


Use A Toner

Why? Using a toner once a week will eliminate the build up of yellow tones and help to keep your hair bright and white.


Prevent Damage

Why? Bleach is tough on your hair, and without proper care can leave it dry and damaged. Applying a wash-out mask or treatment once a week helps to repair the damage and repair your hair from the inside out.


Leave-In Love

Why? If you’re using an anti-damage mask regularly, this one isn’t a must. Leave-in conditioners are great for locking in moisture and shine post-wash, keeping your hair in fabulous condition in-between washes. They also assist with combating the damage caused by bleaching your hair.


Don't Forget To Touch Up

Luckily the dark roots trend is still a thing, so you can comfortably go 4-6 weeks in-between touch-ups. However you’ll be surprised at how quickly roots begin to show, so you’ll want to keep a stock of your preferred blonde colour at home, so you can touch-up as soon as needed.

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