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Is your hair damaged or just dry? Here's how to tell

by Schwarzkopf AU

Image credits: @sass.and.braids

Beautiful hair is the dream, but did that selfie just make it clear that your locks need a little love? A busy calendar, plus a few random late nights here and there, and your hair care regime can fall apart.

When you finally notice the state of your hair affairs you'd be forgiven for being unsure - is this dry or damaged hair? And does the answer even really matter?

As it turns out, there's some pretty startling differences between dry hair and damaged hair - Knowing the differences are key to finding your inner hair-goddess.

Dry hair sounds bad and can feel bad too. It’s that crunchy feeling as you tie it up because, frankly, no one needs to notice it. Rough, straw-like texture are dry hair hallmarks. And if you're suffering from a bout of frizz, chances are dryness is the culprit.

But damaged hair is on another level. It looks just like dry hair, but is even worse.

So how can you be sure what's what?

The giveaway here is elasticity. This is no mere term for any kind of bounce-back. Hair elasticity is a real thing and you can test it when your hair is wet.

Here’s your how to guide to test for dry or damaged hair:

* Separate out a single strand of wet hair

* Gently pull the strand from both ends

Your aim here is to stretch the strand and test the elasticity.

If your hair can stretch about an extra third of its original length and bounce back you have dry hair.

If your hair snaps or fails to bounce back, well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you have damaged hair. You'll need a special kind of love to woo damaged tresses back to beautiful - find out more

So you have dry hair? Here's how to rediscover your hair happiness.

Fight Dryness with Beology Aqua 

Beology Aqua is the new powerful range that combines potent natural ingredients and the latest scientific understanding into a nourishing formula for moisturising dry hair.

In short, Beology Aqua brings together nature's superheros to turn dry hair into shiny instagram-worthy locks.

So how does Beology Aqua work?

Deep Sea Extract

Deep sea extract has a powerful effect on dry hair. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to soft, smooth, and beautiful hair:

·       Sourced from over 2000 metres below sea level, deep sea extract has the strength to withstand tough environmental conditions and cold temperatures - you can style with confidence knowing your hair is protected from further damage.

·       The special antioxidant and protective properties of deep sea extract also protect your hair and scalp from the nasties in the air - this provides a solid base for your hair's natural repair.

Sage and Thyme

These herbal extracts not only smell divine, they encourage circulation to your hair follicles.

When you include sage and thyme in your hair-care routine you're strengthening the new growth and improving the health of your scalp - double win!


Dry hair can be stressful and a pot of chamomile tea would be great, thanks!

But seriously. Extracts sourced from chamomile flowers help keep prevent irritation of the scalp - the foundation for restoring your locks from crunchy to silky is your scalp, so this one is a no-brainer.

It's all about harnessing nature

How awe-inspiring would it be to travel to the depths of the sea to gather your own deep sea extract? Not to mention gathering your own herbs and flowers to create your own elixir. But let's be real for a minute, it's probably pretty unlikely you'll get the time or the chance.

While the properties of herbs have long been known, the discovery of deep sea extract is not only new, it’s natural! Deep sea extract ensures your hair is receptive to moisture. The free radicals found in deep sea extract protect your hair and prepare your dry locks so they can easily soak up moisture.

What's more, the Beology Aqua range includes strengthening keratin to repair your dry hair from the inside out. With Beology Aqua on your side, you're on track for soft, shiny, and perfectly photo-worthy hair.

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