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How To Pre-Lighten Your Hair

by Schwarzkopf AU

If you're planning on going pastel or any colour lighter than your current colour, pre-lightening your hair a stunning finishing result.

Why? Lightening your hair opens up the cuticle of the hair and remove some of the pigment, making it more receptive to colour. It's particularly important to pre-lighten your hair whenever you're going for a vibrant colour, a pastel, or a finishing look that is significantly lighter than your current look (i.e. going from brown to blonde). Luckily, it's easy and doesn't have to cost a fortune! Here's how to DIY at home with Nordic L1++ Ultimate Lightener.

3 Simple Steps

  1. Do your prep: cover your clothes, put on your gloves and your read instruction leaflet. Don't forget to perform the allergy alert test (should be done 48hrs prior to application). Note: Nordic permanent shades should be applied to dry  hair - so don't wash or wet your hair before!
  2. Mix it up: using a Nordic lightener, add the Colour Cream and Booster Sachet into the bottle. Roll, then shake vigorously to mix.
  3. Application time: apply to hair, starting at the ends, finishing at the roots. Leave to develop for 30-45 mins, then rinse.

Top Tip

Keep your blonde classy, not brassy and remove yellow tones by using a toner after lightening. For the Platinum look, go for Nordic Blonde Refresher Mousse Icy Platinum.

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