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How To Get Stormy Blue Multi-Tonal Hair

by Megan Hoeneveld

Image credits @singaporemegan

STORMY BLUE | I'm way too excited to share my latest and boldest hair change! I took my hair from Rose Gold to this Stormy Blue using the Schwarzkopf Live Colour range. I LOVE how it turned out and it was so easy to achieve! Read below for the products and process. 

Choose your colours wisely. Often the best colours come from a mix of several dyes, so don't be scared to choose a few complimentary colours to give your hair a multi-tonal look! I've chosen Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour products in Electric Blue, Denim Steel and Lilac Chrome, plus *new* Fibre Therapy Bond Restore conditioner.

TO DYE: I dispense the dyes into 3 separate plastic bowls. Into the Electric Blue I added the same amount of conditioner as dye - 1:1 - to sheer out the colour and take my roots from mahogany to a cool brown.

I first applied Lilac Chrome to the ends, then applied Denim Steel from the mid lengths through to the ends, ensuring the majority was spread through the mid sections. Lastly I added Electric Blue to my roots and blended through to the middle and left the dye in for 20 minutes before washing it out thoroughly. Et, voila!

TO STYLE: After towel drying I spritz my hair with Express Dry and blow dry, lastly adding a few waves.

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