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How To Get Pastel Pink Hair

by Shayla Jay

My blonde locks got a makeover! Schwarzkopf have a bunch of cool colours in the semi-permanent LIVE Colour range. I chose Cotton Candy Pink and here's a super easy step-by-step. Remember this product doesn’t have a lightener in it. You may need to pre-lighten your hair to achieve the proper pastel look. 

Step 1 - Inside the packet you’ll find gloves, the dye and instructions – read them! Then wash your hair and towel dry. 

Step 2 - Put a black or dark towel around your shoulders, or wear an old dark shirt that you don't mind getting dirty

Step 3 - Put the gloves on, squeeze the product out and apply to the roots first (I did this as it’s the darkest part of my hair and needs to be left in the longest) 

Step 4 - Spread the colour evenly all over, and leave for 12-15 minutes. I left mine for the full 15 minutes.

Step 5 - Once the time is up, rinse out, blow dry and style as usual. Add a curl to really show off the different colour tones!

See how it easy it really is in my video tutorial:

You probably need to have light platinum blonde locks to get that really pastel pink result. But I like the Rose Gold tone I’ve got. I’m really digging the different tones as it’s really grabbed onto my blonde foils!

If you do try it yourself, please post and tag me on Instagram @sass.and.braids as I’d love to see it! 
Image credits: @sass.and.braids

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