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How To Get Denim Steel Metallic Hair

by Alexandra Hoang

Schwarzkopf's Denim Steel Metallic shade is a colour that works instantly and gives you that vibrant electric feel. Long gone are the days you would have to visit a hairdresser in order to get that metallic dye. With Schwarzkopf’s new LIVE Colour Metallic range, I got it done right in my living room. It only took me a short hour to change from a brassy yellow toned hair to an edgy biker chick ready to take on the night. If you want to feel as fierce as I did this week; why not give the semi-permanent colour a go? Check out my step-by-step guide below and find out how you can too dye your hair in no time!

Before you start, slip on the gloves and wear a dark tee to avoid getting mess all over. There are three awesome colours in the LIVE Colour Metallic range, but I've chosen Denim Steel. Depending on your hair length you might need more than one pack (I used two and a half).

But first things first, shampoo your hair and towel dry. 

Squeeze product from sachet into the palm of your (gloved) hand and start to apply evenly all over. 

If your hair is longer than chin length like me I would recommend to use at least two packs. I ended up using two and a half packs on my hair. Once applied, the colour will immediately start working. The amount of time you leave it on will determine the final colour you end up with. It can be translucent metallic, subtle metallic, intense metallic or other ultra brights depending on how long you leave it in. 

I opted for Ultra Bright! 40 minutes later and you are ready to rinse it all off. 

Washed and dried I can already see the 'minty' Ultra Bright colour, all ready to be styled and pampered! I use Schwarzkopf Express Dry with built-in heat protection before blow-drying. 

Finally, curl your long locks to bring out the colour and finish it off with Schwarzkopf’s Express Hairspray. Voila! 

The result

For the best blue results, your hair will need to be pre-bleached or blonde. My hair was bleached months ago, so after some time it turned warmer and more yellow in tone. I was afraid my hair would not absorb any colour as it was dark blonde, so I was hoping that the blue colour would at the very least brighten up my hair or make it colder. All colours applied to individual hair will vary depending on the hair type and hair history. To my surprise, not only did the colour work in an instant, the longer I had it in the more I could see how my towel dried hair changed shades. Remember, the final colour result depends on how long you leave the colour in for. I wanted to leave it in as long as possible and ended up with an ultra bright minty shade which I adore! Overall, I really liked the product. It was a breeze to apply and did not smear or make a mess at all.

Achieve this look at home

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