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How to get big hair

by Schwarzkopf AU

Hollywood's divas have sworn by glamorous volume since the 1930s. When it comes to exclusive events and sophisticated evening functions, big hair is always in style. We tell you how to achieve dramatic volume and what makes big hair work.

Drama, Baby: How to achieve glamorous volume


Big hair isn't that hard to conjure. With the right touch, a round brush and the perfect products, you can even give fine hair a dramatically voluminous look.
Wash hair with Extra Care Push Up Volume Shampoo / Conditioner


Volume powder gives your roots a bit of a lift. The fine, light powder quickly adds volume without teasing or backcombing. 
Tip: Dust the fine powder on your roots and massage it into your hair using your fingers.


Use Curlers or curling irons for more volume 

Before you expose your hair to a hot curling iron or heated curlers, apply protective heat lotion. Wrap hair around medium curlers or a curling iron in sections. Pull the finished curls into shape and spray hair gloss lacquer all over for a beautiful finish. You can also coax extra volume out of straight hair by teasing the roots.

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