Hair How-To - Colour

How-To: Electric Blue Dip Dye

by Schwarzkopf AU

Life is so much better in colour! Semi-permanent colours like Schwarzkopf's LIVE Colour range are such a fun and (not to mention simple and cheap) way to add colour to your look.

Bright colours always turn out best when being applied to a pre-lightened base - so this is dip-dye look is perfect for people like me who already have ombre hair (or blonde hair). If you don't, then I'd recommend lightening your hair first to get the brightest and best result!


Get Ready

First, wash your hair so that you have a nice clean base. Then, divide your towel-dried hair into two parts and then use an elastic to mark just below where you want your ombre to start.


Cover Up

Make sure you do the allergy test before going ahead with full application. And don't forget to put your gloves on - nobody wants blue hands!


Get Started

Lather the product generously over the hair below the elastic band. 


Finishing Touch

Take the elastic off and then blend a small amount of the dye upwards to give it a subtle gradient look.


Relax & Wait

Wait for the dye to develop according to the instructions and then wash out and dry your hair.

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