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How To Choose Your Most Flattering Hair Colour

by Schwarzkopf AU

Have you ever wondered why some hair colours look glorious on you, while others can leave you looking flat? Maybe you’re a natural brunette and you’ve tried a slightly redder brown before and it just didn’t work? Or perhaps you’ve tried to turn your golden blonde into an icy platinum but it didn’t quite look right?

It happens to the best of us. In fact, all of us. See, the secret to finding your most flattering hair colour is your skin undertone. Think of it like makeup or clothes. In the same way that you know you suit plum colours, while you can never seem to pull off mustard (or vice versa), or rosier foundations don’t blend well with your skin, your most flattering hair colours are those that compliment your skin’s undertone.

Warm Undertones

Your skin’s undertone can be warm, or cool. If your undertone is warm, you’ll suit warmer hair colours. This doesn’t mean you’re limited to copper-esk colours. You can have warm golden / honey blondes or chestnutty browns, or dark, rich chocolatey colours.

Cool Undertones

If your undertone is cool, you’ll suit cooler hair colours. Again, this doesn’t mean you need to avoid shades of red, but rather choose them wisely. Colours that flatter cool skin undertones are ashy or platinum blondes, flat or violetey browns. In terms of reds, go for those with a cooler note like violet reds rather than copper reds.

Want to know what your skin undertone is and what hair colours will flatter you best? Try our Colour Match tool to find out - it’s your very own online free colour consultation!

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