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Hair trend 2018: Structured Rawness

by Schwarzkopf AU

This one was designed to be worn every day: TrendLook Structured Rawness – an uncomplicated style that radiates confidence.

How to style the Structured Rawness look 

Arrange individual strands with straighteners for Structured Rawness.

1) Prepare hair with mousse for styling after washing. 

2) Blow dry. 

3) Treat individual strands with straighteners, shaping soft curls. Use a heat protecting spray.

4) Secure and emphasise strands with a small amount of styling balm between your palms. 

5) Finally, set the look with hairspray.

Make mine structured: Mousse, gel or wax add texture. 

Tip: You've washed (3), combed and dried your hair? Don't brush it again, but work with the tousled strands instead.

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