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Get Yourself Some Bun Lovin'

by Schwarzkopf AU

There is nothing greater than the classy standard, elegant low bun; but sometimes you need something a little more funky. This DIY flower-crown ‘Bun-loving’ hair do serves well from the beach and into the night. 

It’s simple to re-create and has loads of space for you to add your own flavour to! 


Divide your hair into three even half up/half down pony tails, making sure they are thick enough to plait with.

This style can also be done in the three low buns or half up half down - so depending on your desired look, tie your ponytails either high on your head, or midway down. To achieve my final look, tie your ponytails mid-way down the back of your head.


Loosely plait (fish plait or normal – up to you!) each ponytail and tie off with a little clear elastic band so you won’t notice it in the final masterpiece. 

Use a texturizer like Schwarzkopf Instant Volume Powder when pulling the plaits to loosen them – this will make sure they aren’t too smooth and will stick in a flower shape.


Working on one plait at a time, wrap the plait loosely around and bobby pin to hold it up. 

Place other bobby pins throughout the plait-flower to hold it all down, making sure to keep it loose. Pull at parts of the plait to loosen and create the flower bun look.

Finished half up / half down style - perfect for more relaxed ocassions

Finished all up do - perfect for dinners, dates, or even weddings!

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