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Dutch Halo Braid Tutorial

by Schwarzkopf AU

If the halo crown braid has only ever belonged in your 'for red carpet, not real life, too-hard hair basket,' it's time to rethink your braid game. First off, forget about trying to nail the Dutch braid. Yes really.

"People get really overwhelmed by the under-over technique of inside-out braiding," says Natalie Anne, hairstylist for Schwarzkopf Extra Care. "The way I do a halo braid is just like a regular plait, but with one little twist, and it's much easier to do to yourself." Here she shows how to create the look step by step, with GRAZIA Market Editor, Pia Muehlenbeck. 

The Step-by-Step:

  1. To create a base of body and hold, prep hair with Schwarzkopf Dry Shampoo Refresh & Style
  2. Create clean centre part and section one side off with a clip
  3. Take a small triangular piece of hair at the nape of neck
  4. Split it into three strands and begin a classic plait, taking the right strand over the centre, and the left strand over the centre
  5. Take a slice of hair from the part line to nape of the neck, and add it to the right section only 
  6. Plait normally, taking the right strand over the centre, and the left strand over the centre
  7. Repeat steps five and six, plaiting around the hairline
    NATALIE-ANNE’S TIP: Remember to only add hair to the right side and you will see a Dutch-style, inside-out braid begin to form
  8. Once you reach your starting point, continue to plait the remaining hair and secure with elastic
  9. Sprinkle the plait and around the braid with Schwarzkopf Extra Care Instant Volume Powder, to make it more malleable. Pull it apart slightly to soften for an ethereal look
  10. Tuck the plait up and underneath the halo braid and bobby pin in place
    NATALIE-ANNE’S TIP: "Rather than separating the bobby pins, slide them straight into the braid closed, this will allow for more control and less pulling on the braid"
  11. To soften the look, loosen out some face framing strands of hair
  12. "Use a tail comb for this step to ensure you don’t pull at the braid"
  13. Spray all over with Schwarzkopf Extra Care Strong Styling Hairspray Maximum Hold
    NATALIE ANNE’S TIP: "If your hair is fine or super dark, you can dust some matte brown eye shadow along your part line to defuse the contrast between your hair and scalp"

GRAZIA Australia:
Talent:Pia @Piamuelhenbeck
Video: Michael Wolf @wolfshooter
Hair: @natalieannehair
Makeup: @Elsamorgan

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