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Create Amazing Bonds For Your Hair with PLEX

by Schwarzkopf AU

Image credit: @Kimkardashian

Remember when Kim Kardashian launched her new platinum look on Instagram and sent the world into a flap? You may have heard about her secret weapon, a little something called “PLEX” technology.  

Before PLEX, going from dark brown to platinum blonde simply wasn't possible for Kim (or anyone else), without seriously damaging her hair. PLEX is an amazing technology, and we have just launched it in our LIVE Salon Permanent home hair colour range; making this once salon-exclusive technology available to EVERYONE, no matter what your beauty budget.

So what is PLEX exactly, and what makes it so damn good?

PLEX is unlike anything that has ever been created before: Imagine the inside of each strand of hair looks like a ladder. The sides are held together by the rungs, which represents the bonds that hold your hair together.  

PLEX is not comparable to any other hairdressing term or service.

PLEX works on protecting, or repairing the bonds that hold the hair structure together, making it stronger for up to 80% less hair breakage.

Colouring with SALONPLEX you will... 

  • Physically feel the difference in the quality of your hair 
  • See noticeably less hair breakage - up to 80% 
  • Enjoy professional salon-quality grey coverage 
  • Experience longer-lasting colour
  • And, have supple hair that's much easier to brush and detangle 

LIVE Salon Permanent is available in 20 shades, find them in store or you can buy online from Priceline. 

If you're not sure which shade is right for you, let us help find the PERFECT shade to suit your skin tone - just answer a few questions in the Colour Match tool

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