Hair Inspiration

Colour Without Commitment

by Natasha Bonniface

I remember seeing all these people on Instagram with pastel pink hair, baby blues, deep purples and fiery reds, I’m not talking the natural kinds either. All I wanted was to do the same, except in-stead of rocking these colours for months on end like everyone seemed to be doing, I wanted a quick fix.

I was chasing a fun, exciting colour for a few weeks and I wanted it to be as easy as doing it in my bathroom, as well as not costing a fortune.

When I was growing up, I changed my hair colour all the time, from mousy brown to black to brown to blonde, I was never scared to experiment but I still wanted more. I was chasing the extraordinary. When I first started dying my hair, there were no quick fix solutions and you couldn't just have your hair electric blue for a few weeks.

Luckily for myself (and you!) Schwarzkopf has come up with semi-permanent solutions, whether you want burgundy or blueberry or just want to try out a chocolate brown. The opportunities are end-less! 

The best part about having semi-permanent colour is that when you change your hair, the colours that compliment it change too. This can enable you to change up your style and you can feel safe knowing you will always look chic, because as long as your hair is on point, does anything else really matter? (The answer is, no way!) 

I am head over heels for the Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour Metallic shades and would recommend them to anyone who wants to add a pop of excitement to their everyday life. As an influencer, it’s so important to make sure your whole brand is fresh, fun and exciting to keep people interested. The semi-permanent colour gives me a chance to shake up my whole look, even if it is just for a week.

So if you’ve been looking for a sign to take the plunge and try out rose gold hair like I did, or even lilac, this is it. You can try a new look and be back to your old self within a week, or fall in love with it and keep it for a year. 

There are a lot of things in life that require commitment, your hair colour shouldn't be one of them.

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