1. Going too dark

One common problem that occurs to frequently is that people apply colour on top of another colour, which results in a darker shade than indicated on the packaging.  Remember colour on top of colour will always go darker.


Follow the regrowth application instructions in the pack.  Which means applying the colour to the new hair growth only (your roots).  Process for 25 minutes and then take the colour through to the ends for 5 minutes to freshen them up. 

2. Choosing the wrong shade for your hair 

When choosing a colour use the guides on the pack (if your natural hair colour is not on the pack then that colour is not recommended for you).  If you are unsure between shades always select the lighter shade.  Stay within 2 shades of your natural colour for best results.

3. Staining on your skin 

People sometimes get staining on their neck or ears from colour which has been left on them.


Always wipe of any excess colour around the hairline and ears.  Make sure not to wipe the colour off the hair.  When you rinse off the colour just add a little water and emulsify the colour first, this will help with removing the colour from the skin.  Great tip = Colour removes colour (who knew!)