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5 Tips To Tame Flyaways

by Schwarzkopf AU

There’s no denying it, flyaways can be a girl’s greatest nightmare. You can achieve the perfect bun, ponytail, or beautiful up-do, only to have it ruined by fluffy little strands sticking out from the side of your head. The. Worst.

As the weather cools down and the air gets drier, it’s only going to get worst. Not to mention the added friction of woollen hats, scarves and jumpers causing hair to get static. Winter is coming, and so will the flyaways… unless you follow these 5 simple tips...


Tame Your Hair With Proper Care

Dry, damaged hair is often visibly more unruly than well-kept locks. It’s also prone to breakage, meaning you’re often left with baby hairs that stick out at awkward angles (you know the ones we’re talking about).

Using moisturising treatments that nourish the hair from within, such as this one, will help to smooth your hair and prevent breakage


Oil up

Nourishing oils = supple hair. It’s a fact. Don’t stress about hair appearing greasy - there are plenty of lightweight hair oil products out there, such as this one, that absorb quickly, without leaving a greasy impression behind.
Focus application of the lengths and tips of your hair to combat frizz.


Set & Forget

Hairspray is the master of any and every rogue hair, and a hair-do cannot be complete without it. To get your hair perfectly defined and ready for anything, spray sections of the hair before styling. This preps the hair to do what you want it to (a.k.a. No pesky flyaways).

Then, to finally set and forget your hair so you can carry on with your day without thinking about frizz, apply spray to the palm of your hand and gently smooth over your hair. You can also spray hairspray to a fine tooth comb or kabuki brush, and brush down any unruly little hairs.


Emergency services

If all else fails, styling gel will be your saviour. A must-have for super sleek styles, styling gel will make any hairstyle look perfectly defined, chic, and dramatic (just go easy on it!).

The trick to perfect application: spread a small amount on your palms and carefully rub it over the strands.


Preventative measures

If your hair is often frizzy and hard to tame, anti-frizz products are the silver bullet to getting it under control. From shampoos, conditioners, elixirs, and lotions, professional tamers repair the hair fibres, lend extra suppleness and also provide plenty of moisture to prevent flyaway hair.

Bonus tip: never detangle wet hair with a brush! Use a coarse comb instead to avoid breaking the hair and prevent unwanted frizz.

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